• How Pedestrians Can Avoid Getting Hit By Cars

    It is easy to blame motorists for car accidents involving pedestrians, but pedestrians are just as to blame as drivers for these accidents. There are lots of precautions you can take as a pedestrian to avoid being hit by a car. Here are some of the top considerations to have when walking by the road or crossing the road on foot: Watch Out for Negligent Drivers One of the most dangerous things to do is to assume that all the drivers on the road are careful, law-abiding, and reasonable.
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  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Personal Use Breathalyzers

    If you are going to go out for a night of drinking, you might find it useful to use a personal breathalyzer to avoid a DUI. Many people recommend it actually because it can prevent a DUI more easily. If your reading is a certain number, then you know not to get behind the wheel. Here's everything you wanted to know about how this works: Cheap Breathalyzers are Questionable: First off, if you are going to invest in a breathalyzer, you should invest in one that provides the most accurate reading possible.
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