Using Pictures To Fight Low Impact Collision Battles

Posted on: 4 March 2018

If you have been injured and your car has been damaged in a low-impact collision, prepare yourself for a bruising battle during the claims process. This is because many people low-impact collisions don't deserve high amounts of compensation, but your injuries and damages may say otherwise. Fortunately, you can use pictures of the accident to prove how serious your accident was to increase your chances of getting serious compensation:

Pictures of the Car Post-Accident

Most people know that it's advisable to take pictures of their car after the accident. This is necessary because your car may be repaired by the time you start your claim process or file an accident lawsuit. Taking its pictures; therefore, helps you to preserve its post-accident condition for future reference. Don't forget to take pictures of the car before it is moved because even its position on the road may be useful in proving the severity of the accident.

Pictures of the Defendant's Car

Cars involved in a collision do not always show proportional damages. It is possible for the other car to show more damage than your car, which may make others think that the accident wasn't too serious. For this reason, it's best to take pictures of the other car and use them to show the severity of the accident during the claim process.

Pictures of Hidden Damages

If you have been involved in a car accident, then you should expect car damages beyond the ones you can immediately see on the exterior of the car. For example, there may be interior damages, damages under the car (such as the transmission pan), and damages in hidden components (such as the radiator). Take pictures of all these damages to help with the claim. Don't forget that some of the damages may only be unearthed during the repair process so you should liaise with your mechanic to take their pictures before fixing the damages.

Pictures of Your Injuries

When taking accident pictures, don't just focus on the car; you also need pictures of your injuries. Pictures of your bruises, torn clothing, bumps on the head, and bloodied clothing can help you present a true picture of the severity of the accident.

Pictures of the Road

Lastly, you should also take pictures of the road and the surrounding environment. You want to show the skid marks on the road, pieces of broken glass, and even damages to road structures such as road signs or guard rails.

Of course, the above pictures are just a few of the things you need to win a sizable car accident claim. Consult a car accident attorney for more strategies for success.


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