How Pedestrians Can Avoid Getting Hit By Cars

Posted on: 6 October 2017

It is easy to blame motorists for car accidents involving pedestrians, but pedestrians are just as to blame as drivers for these accidents. There are lots of precautions you can take as a pedestrian to avoid being hit by a car. Here are some of the top considerations to have when walking by the road or crossing the road on foot:

Watch Out for Negligent Drivers

One of the most dangerous things to do is to assume that all the drivers on the road are careful, law-abiding, and reasonable. There are negligent people everywhere and they can easily cause accidents. Therefore, don't assume that all the drivers will be using their turn lights or stop at traffic lights; some of them will not. Once you are aware of this you will be more likely to pay attention while walking and avoid getting hit.

Don't Walk Alone After Drinking

Drinking alcohol doesn't just affect motorists' judgment; even pedestrians are affected too. For example, if you are intoxicated, you are likely to underestimate an oncoming car's speed and dash across the road, getting hit in the process. After drinking, take a taxi or let a sober person drive you home if your path involves walking by a busy road or crossing roads.

Make Sure You Can Be Seen At Night

It is easy to see other cars at night because they have headlights and taillights; pedestrians don't have such things. Therefore, make yourself visible by wearing reflective clothes or using a flashlight while walking by the road at night.

Be Aware of Parked Vehicles

Parked vehicles can be just as dangerous as running vehicles, especially if their engines are running. Passing too close to a parked vehicle is dangerous because the drier can take off without warning. Leave a reasonable space between you and parked cars.

Make Eye Contact with Oncoming Drivers

Making eye contact with oncoming cars when crossing the road is one of the best ways of making sure they have seen you. If you don't make eye contact, you can assume that an oncoming driver is seeing you while, in the real sense, they are distracted (maybe their thoughts are elsewhere).

Don't Use Your Phone on the Road

Lastly, you should also avoid getting distracted while walking by the road or crossing the road. For example, people use their phones all the time these days, but doing so while crossing the road can easily cause a crash.

Of course, it's not just you who are required to avoid accidents; even the motorists have a role to play in pedestrian safety. Therefore, if you are hit by a car, consult an accident attorney to help you assess whether the motorist should pay your damages.


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