4 Financial Impacts A Car Crash May Have On Hiking Enthusiasts

Posted on: 8 April 2016

The injuries that occur during a car accident often affect work and daily life, but they can also have a huge impact on any hobbies that you actively participate in. If you're a hiking enthusiast, a car crash injury may not only impact your ability to go hiking, but it could result in some financial losses. If someone else is liable for the crash car you were involved in, then an attorney can help you seek a settlement and receive compensation for the injuries. Not only can you get compensation for the injuries, but you can seek compensation for different impacts that the accident has had on your hiking hobby. Browse through the following four financial impacts and learn how an attorney can help you through the settlement process.

Hiking Gear Damage

When your car is involved in a terrible crash, not only are you injured on the inside of the vehicle, but you may have been traveling with some hiking equipment that was damaged as well. For example, if your trunk was terribly damaged during an accident, then items inside it like a GPS system, binoculars, hiking boots, hiking bags, or a digital camera could have all been broken beyond repair. When someone else is liable for the accident, your attorney can seek reimbursement for these items through your settlement case. By providing a full list of items and any pictures from the accident, you can help provide evidence for the case and build onto an estimated settlement amount. This value will help you replace the items and have them for when you are ready to go hiking again.

Physical Therapy

As you heal through injuries due to a car accident, you may need the professional help of a physical therapist to rebuild muscles and fine motor skills. Extra physical therapy sessions may be needed to help you train and prepare for hiking again. Every health insurance plan is different and your physical therapy may not be covered. In this case, your attorney can help you seek compensation for the physical therapy because it would not be needed if you were not involved in a car crash in the first place. If you've had to pay out of pocket for services like sports performance enhancement, then you can use the bills as additional evidence for your settlement case. This will help you get back to hiking safely and have the costs fully covered.

Hiking Memberships & Fees

As an avid hiker, there may have been some fees or costs that you paid ahead of time. Weekly, monthly and annual memberships or fees will go to waste if you're injured and unable to take advantage of them. Instead of just wasting the money, an attorney can seek a settlement that includes the lost money. There are many types of memberships and clubs that you may have been a part of. For example, you may have paid an annual fee for a parking pass to a national forest. You may have paid membership fees to a local hiking club or for group guided tours. These costs can add up quickly, so it's important to list them down and show proof of your payments.

Special Hiking Gear

After healing through your injuries, you may still need some assistance to hike again. When going through trails or climbing up mountains, a number of special equipment pieces like hiking boots, trekking poles, or hiking staffs may be needed to expand your mobility. As an attorney works on the details of your case, this equipment may fall under a legal term known as a loss of enjoyment of life. An attorney can show that without the purchase of this special gear, your quality of life will be lower due to losing out on your favorite hobby. The compensation for the special gear can help return this enjoyment and become an essential part of the case.

Consulting with an attorney is the first step in building a case and reaching a potential settlement. They can help break down the different financial impacts of your hiking hobby and the actual injuries related to the case.

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