4 Proactive Ways Motrocycle Accident Victims Can Manage Settlement Cases

Posted on: 1 December 2015

When you're riding a motorcycle and a crash occurs, many people assume that the motorcycle rider is at fault. This is not always the case as many times the accident occurs when other vehicles are not aware of the motorcycle on the road. A biker is exposed to more elements, creating the potential for more serious injuries. If you've been involved in a motorcycle accident as a biker, then you should seek an attorney for legal help. Getting through a case can be a long battle, but there are number of ways to help manage the case day by day. Use the following four tips to help with your healing, everyday life, and legal assistance.

Insurance Settlements

If another party has been proven to be the cause of an accident, their insurance company will likely seek out a settlement as soon as possible. This offer may seem good at first, until you actually calculate the rising costs and losses due to an accident. The medical bills alone can add up to thousands of dollars. A loss of wages can occur if you're forced to take time off work or leave your current employer altogether. By working with an attorney, these costs can be calculated and shown to be much higher than many settlement offers. The attorney can help negotiate a higher settlement on your behalf.

Do not sign or accept any type of settlement until you consult with your attorney. If you accept any amount of money as a settlement, the agreement may prevent you from seeking further settlement money in the future. Unforeseen costs could then fall on you personally.

Attorney Investigation

Requesting a settlement is not just about your lost wages. A full case needs to be built for your claim. This evidence will showcase the accident and details involving other drivers. This is why a lot of time will go by as your attorney conducts an investigation. A large part of this investigation takes place at the crash site. They use police reports, images, and witness statements to help prove your case.

Another large part of the investigation is your personal pain and suffering. Instead of just sitting back and waiting for the investigation to go through, you can make a personal journal that reflects both physical and emotional pain. As soon as possible, use digital images to start tracking your injuries. This includes cuts, bruises, broken bones, and any other type of injury sustained in the accident. Images showcase the progression of the injury and healing times. A written journal can also detail your physical and emotional pain. This includes a daily summary of your life, emotional changes, and possible fears of traveling on the open road.

Case & Traffic History

The area where you crashed may have a big impact on the case. Even if the other driver is at fault, other parties may be at fault for unsafe driving areas. For example, city and state governments may be to blame for poor roadways. As you heal, it's easy to perform basic research on the area where the crash took place. By researching online news sources, you can find out about other recent accidents that have occurred. These reports may showcase blind spots and dangerous areas. Organizations like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Safe Road Maps can detail reported accident history on the exact road that your accident occurred on.

Motorcycle Groups

If you're involved in a motorcycle accident as a biker, it's important to know that you are not alone. Across the nation, there are numerous groups and organizations dedicated to protecting victims of motorcycle accidents. Through these groups, you have the ability to talk with other accident victims, learn your rights, and participate in different functions. Some non-profit groups even offer assistance for bikers who have been involved in an accident. This includes meal assistance, health assistance, and donations from all types of people. When receiving these donations, it's important to consult with your attorney to see if they can factor into your case in any way.

Instead of just waiting for a settlement, being proactive is a good way to heal and seek comfort. Consult with an attorney on the next steps you need to take and any ways you can contribute to the case. Contact a firm like Scherline And Associates for more information.


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