SSI And Babies: How Does A Denied Continuing Disability Review Affect Your Child?

Posted on: 18 August 2015

If your baby initially received Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as a newborn due to a low birth weight but failed to qualify for benefits when they turned one year old, hire a Social Security disability attorney right away. The Social Security Administration (SSA) determines if your baby still qualifies for benefits during a continuing disability review. But if the results of the review doesn't list your baby's other health problems, such as slow learning, limited mobility or restricted vision, your child won't receive the benefits they deserve.

A Social Security attorney can send your baby to medical doctors not associated with the review board. Here's a definition of the continuing disability review, how it affects your little one and what your attorney does to fight unfavorable results. 

How Does the Continuing Disability Review Work?

The SSA performs periodic health reviews of every adult who receives benefits. The reviews determine if adults can return to work or continue receiving assistance. The continuing disability review works differently for babies born with low birth weights and other health problems. In this case, the SSA performs the review a year after babies are born, then every three years afterward.

A low birth weight is a very serious problem for premature newborns. It has the potential to cause organ failure, infections and other life-threatening problems that affect the mortality rate of infants.

Babies who make it to their annual continuing disability reviews may lose their medical and financial support from the SSA if they show signs of improvement. For example, the SSA may deny your baby continued benefits if the organization:

  • Considers your little one healthy enough to live without ongoing medical care, such as respiratory or physical therapy
  • Expects your baby to outgrow their health problems 
  • Appears healthy enough to live without medical and financial support, even if your child shows signs of cognitive, physical and emotional impairments

One of the problems associated with low-birth weight infants is that some medical complications don't show up until your child reaches a certain age. For instance, your baby may have a psychological impairment that won't be noticeable until after they turn four years of age. 

Keep in mind that the SSA follows the same criteria for reviewing children's cases as it does for adults. Contact a Social Security attorney and take action now to obtain future benefits for your little one.

What Will a Social Security Attorney Do?

A Social Security attorney can do a number of things to appeal your child's benefit denial. One of the most important is obtain a new medical review. The review examines all aspects of your child's growth and development, including how they react or respond to stimulation, move their body and communicate.

Although babies can't articulate what they want with words, they should be able to make cooing, babbling and other sounds and responses. By one year of age, your child should also recognize your voice and face. If your child doesn't do any of these things well, a new medical can document it for your disability lawyer.

The lawyer may also request the medical records of the SSA's medical review of your little one and examine it for discrepancies. There could be mistakes in the review that work in your family's favor.

Once your child's attorney gather the evidence they need, they'll appeal the denied benefits.

How Can You Help Win Your Child's Benefits?

You can help your child's Social Security attorney with the case by keeping detailed records of your child's health problems. Use a diary to document times of the day or night your child experiences the most complications. For example, if your little one vomits after every meal, write it down. Every bit of information helps your baby's attorney win new benefits.

If you have questions about the continuing disability review or your child's benefits, contact a Social Security lawyer today. Have a peek at this website to connect with a law firm.


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