Types of Fractures You May Suffer in a Truck Crash and How You Can Get a Favorable Settlement

Posted on: 14 September 2022

Truck crashes cause some of the most serious bodily harm to drivers and passengers. One of the most serious injuries is broken bones, which may cause permanent impairment and loss of mobility. This might make working and participating in everyday activities difficult. Also, managing your injuries might make you incur huge financial losses. For these reasons, you should seek financial help to enable you to rebuild your life. A truck injury attorney can assist you in getting the payment you need through the insurance company or court. Their services may be essential when seeking compensation for the fractures discussed below.

Types of Fractures You Might Suffer in a Truck Crash

The fractures you may suffer in a truck crash will depend on the circumstances of your accident. For instance, there is a possibility that you might sustain broken fingers, wrists, and arms when you hit the dashboard. A huge impact may also cause your spine or neck to break. Also, you might suffer fractures on your clavicles, hips, legs, and find. These injuries might take weeks or months to heal fully. Hip fractures may also cause different side effects due to immobility problems. They might include blood clots, pneumonia, and bed sores.

Skull features can also be very dangerous, especially if your head hits a hard surface. A huge impact might make you suffer brain damage, brain bleeds, seizures, and cerebrospinal fluid leakage. Moreover, most of these injuries are expensive to treat and manage. Therefore, you may have to file a claim to enable you to get financial assistance. It will help you get quality treatment and pay for the other required services. Your lawyer can build a strong claim that will enable you to get all the payments you deserve.

The Payments You Might Get For Your Fractures

Depending on your injuries' severity and how they have affected your life, you may get different payments for fractured bones. That said, your lawyer needs to gather as much information as possible to prove that you suffered serious harm. They may also use expert witness reports to demonstrate that your condition has made it challenging to perform certain tasks. These measures will enable you to get a favorable settlement, including payments for your current and future treatment costs. You may also get payments for loss of future earnings, property damage, and agony caused by your injuries.

The treatment cost of your fractures might be very high, especially if you need long-term care. So, you must ensure that you get a settlement covering all your expenses. A truck accident lawyer can build a strong case against the wrongdoers to enable you to get the necessary payments.


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