Be Sure You Make These Four Major Moves After A Car Crash

Posted on: 29 April 2022

If a careless driver has put your life on hold, you are probably owed monetary compensation as a result. While it can often be a confusing time for accident victims, the moves they make can seriously affect how much they end up being paid. Victims need to consider what is best for their health, their case, and their legal standing after an accident. With those goals in mind, here is what victims need to know.

1. Get Your Medical Ducks in a Row

There are few things, other than fault, that are more important to a personal injury case than your medical care. Don't delay in getting care from a doctor, regardless of how minor you may think your injuries are. Some victims fail to seek care and that results in more damage to both their health and their case. Hidden medical conditions can be deadly, and some injuries only become apparent days later.

Once you have seen a doctor, be sure to follow all instructions to the letter. Otherwise, the other side could accuse you of failing to mitigate your medical damages by not following orders. Keep all medical documents in a safe place and put a high priority on your healing.

2. Keep Things Private

It may be natural for many to open up about something as traumatic as an auto accident on social media, but this is not a good idea. Don't post about your accident in any way. Instead, seek mental health counseling to help you deal with the trauma and spend time in person with loved ones who won't speak about your accident to anyone. Also, don't speak to the other driver about the accident at any time. While it might feel right to say that you are sorry that the accident occurred, such statements could be misconstrued as accepting fault for the accident.

3. Don't Settle for Less

You may be contacted right away by the at-fault driver's insurance company. This call often comes from a person who says they represent the company and that they want to send you a check for your accident damages. While many victims are more than ready to be paid, speaking with that insurance adjuster is a very bad idea. Once you agree and sign the accident release, your case is over, even if you later realize the check was not enough.

4. Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer

Don't make the mistake of making moves without legal help. A lawyer will work on your behalf to negotiate the best settlement possible, and then you will be able to focus on your health rather than on legal and financial details.

Contact an auto accident lawyer for more information. 


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