Common Laws Cyclists Must Abide By

Posted on: 3 November 2018

As a driver, it's essential you share the road with cyclists. However, it's important that cyclists also abide by the law. When a cyclist overlooks the law, they put themselves and motorists in danger. Learn some of the guideline's cyclists must adhere to.

Ride in the Correct Direction

Cyclists are required to ride in the correct direction. While some people believe a cyclist should ride opposite the direction of traffic, cyclists are instead expected to ride in the direction as traffic. When a rider goes with the flow of traffic, it makes it easier for cars to monitor their actions and keep a safe distance away from them. 

Riding Under the Influence

In the same manner that you cannot get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, a person on a bicycle cannot engage in similar activity. If the cyclist is engaging in this manner, their ability to recognize a threat and ride safely is limited, and they are, in turn, putting their safety at risk.

Reflective Gear is a Must

When riding after sundown, it's the responsibility of the cyclist to ensure they make themselves visible to cars on the road. This step is typically accomplished by wearing reflective gear. If a cyclist is not wearing the gear and the driver is unable to see them, if a collision occurs, the driver of the vehicle may not be responsible. 

Headphones are a No-Go

A cyclist should not ride with headphones, or any other device, in their ear that prevents them from being able to hear an upcoming car or emergency vehicle. If a cyclist cannot hear, they may not be alerted to an upcoming safety hazard that they would have been able to avoid would they have listened to the warning. 

Hand Signals are Required

A person riding a bike is expected to use hand signals. In the same manner that another vehicle can't zoom in and out of a lane without warning, a cyclist is supposed to use hand signals to alert motorists on the road if they need to switch lanes or turn. When the rider fails to do so, they put everyone on the road at risk.

Were you involved in an accident with a cyclist? If the cyclist was not following the laws for riding, you might not be responsible for the accident. Contact a bicycle accident lawyer right away that can overlook the specifics of your case and help you plan your defense.  


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